12238 Colina Drive
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BUDGET: $29,623


  • Cleaning:
  • Electrical:
  • Flooring:
  • Handyman Services:
  • Inspections:
  • Landscaping:
  • Painting:
  • Plumbing:
  • Staging:
  • Supplies:
  • TOTAL:

We started with an intial walk-through of the property to identify the scope of the project. We determined that although the home had been tastefully updated, we sitll needed to do some work to complete the renovation and freshen up the space. Our first step was to empty the home. We worked with our clients to remove all items and sell/donate certain pieces of furniture. Once the house was emptied, we were able to begin painting, repair plumbing and flooring issues, and clean the home.

This home sits on 14,375 square feet of land, and already had a beautifully landscaped yard. But we still needed to bring in our landscapers to remove all dead trees/bushes in both the front and rear yards, clean out all flower beds, add colorful plants/flowers, bring in mini-bark where needed, remove all debris from the front, side, and rear yards, and clean roof gutters and leaves from the roof.

We were able to work with our clients to have the home prepared and ready for the first open house in 4 weeks. The home was on the market for one weekend of open houses before selling with multiple offers.


Sold for over $500,000 above asking with multiple offers