1553 Plateau Avenue
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BUDGET: $29,914


  • Cleaning:
  • Declutter/Dump runs:
  • Electrical:
  • Flooring:
  • Handyman Services:
  • Inspections:
  • Landscaping:
  • Painting:
  • Plumbing:
  • Repairs:
  • Supplies:
  • TOTAL:

After having tenants in the home for just over 2 years, my client decied to put this property on the market. Because of the renters, there was some deffered maintenance on the house that needed to be addressed before we could show the property. I brought in my property manager to go through the house room by room and come up with a plan to repair necessary areas and update the entire home while being mindful of my client’s budget.

We decided to focus on the largest issues, the kitchen and bathroom areas. In the kitchen we refinished the flooring, fixed appliances, repaired cracks, patched a leak under the wet bar, and painted the entire room. In the bathrooms, we replaced light fixtures, updated shower heads and handles, replaced all hardware, industrial cleaned, painted and fixed any and all cracks in the tile. After the main concerns were taken care of, we then switched our focus to creating a cohesive color palette throughout the home, and bringing in our stager to specify colors and stage the home.

The home was open for just one weekend before it went into contract for over $350,000 above the asking price.


Sold with multiple offers

Sales price $352,000 above asking