24863 Olive Tree Lane
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BUDGET: $49,614


  • Cleaning:
  • Flooring:
  • Handyman Services:
  • Inspections:
  • Landscaping:
  • Painting:
  • Repairs:
  • Staging:
  • Supplies:
  • TOTAL:

My clients had rented this home out for a few years before deciding to sell. While they and the tenants did some work to the house over the years, there were necessary updates that had to be done before going on the market. We started with a walk-through of the property and identified the items that needed repairing, as well as taking note of the flooring issues and the supplies needed. We contacted our trusted vendors and had bids created for each of the projects. Once my clients approved the bids, we began work on the home.

Within a few short weeks, we had the house prepped and ready for staging. Since this home had an unsual layout, the staging really brought the space to life and allowed buyers to envision their lives there. We found the perfect buyer for the home and a price that met my clients’ expectations. This one was a true transformation!


Sold in 7 days!